Indore Junction BG Train Station

Indore Junction BG Train Station: Recognized 3rd Busiest Railway Junction Of Western Zone


Indore Junction BG Train Station

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Indore, often referred as “The Mini Mumbai” of Madhya Pradesh is situated 200km west of Bhopal- the capital city of the state. With a population of counting above 20 lakhs, this city stands out as the 14th most populated Indian city. Also being the commercial hub of the state, Indore is the prosperous and cosmopolitan enough to resemble the dream city Mumbai considering the lifestyle.

It is the historical heritage and the cultural ethnicity which Indore holds that make it a favored destination for tourism. Housing two most reputed educational institutions of India-IIM and IIT and its connectivity with Delhi and Mumbai is what makes Indore a hot spot of Madhya Pradesh. Further, the facilities offered by the Railway stations of Indore makes it favorable to travel any part of the country easily.

INDB: One of the few ISO certified Rail stations in India

Indoor Junction Railway Station is among one of Madhya Pradesh largest railway junction which was built during the early half of 1921. This station was electrified later in 2011 and is also among the few Indian railway stations which are ISO certified. Being situated in the midst of Indore city, this station seems to be convenient for passengers’ commutation and comes under the western Rail zone of The Indian Railways.

The administrative matters of this railway station is eventually controlled by the western Railways which takes utmost care of every need of the passengers traveling from or halting at Indore Junction. The Indore Junction BG Train Station Code is INDB.

Indore Junction BG Train Station Code

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Connectivity shared by the station

The rail lines from the north-western region of this railway station runs to connect Ujjain, while those from the south connect Indore Mhow. Dewas junction and Khandwa Junction is connected to Indore Junction by the railway lines running from North and East respectively.

It is this strategic connectivity which makes Indore the central hub of Madhya Pradesh and the third busiest railway station of the western zone. Indore Junction Bg Train Station can be further divided into 2 groups namely Broad and Metre considering the Gauge as the base. While the former network i.e. the broad gauge is meant especially for express, fast passenger and super-fast trains, the later i.e. the metre gauge serves the local trains.

A look at the amenities the station offer you

Indore Junction Bg Train Station is recognized best for the amenities it offer to the passenger. Indore Junction Bg Train Station facilities offers included well maintained waiting halls, hygienic cafeteria, cold drinking water filter, automatic ticket vending machine, prepaid taxis, parking facility for 2 and 4 wheelers, book stalls and utmost safety and security services at all five platforms.

Passengers also enjoy the Indore Junction Bg Train Station luggage storage facility with the luggage room being strictly under CCTV Surveillance. The station has two metre gauge and three broad gauge tracks which makes commutating from INDB comfortable for the travellers.

Indore Junction BG Train Station

Indore Junction BG Train Station | Image Resource :

Proximity with the Airports

Along with enjoying connectivity with some of the major railway stations of India like Mumbai, Dehradun, Jabalpur, Pune, Bangalore, Udaipur, Patna, Bhopal, Amritsar and Nagpur, Indore Junction Bg Train Station to airport distance is also a few kilometers only.

The station is only 7 kilometers away from Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport and 163 kilometers from Bhopal International Airport. It is hike in the practices of economic activity in Indore which has made Indore Junction Bg Train Station a significant junction in India.