Nizamuddin Railway Station

Importance of Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi

Nizamuddin railway Station

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Delhi is the capital of the country, which makes it one of the most important junction points in every means of transport. Roadways, Railways and even for airways, this city has its own importance. All the international flights which come to India halt at the Delhi International Airport. Beside this, there are many trains which connect all the other major cities of the country with the capital. This increases the crowd at the Delhi Railway Station, which becomes more difficult to manage with lots of trains.

In order to help to connect all the trains with the city, without facing any problem, Nizamuddin railway Station was introduced to the city. After this, the trains which arrive and depart from the south side of the city are halted at this station. Besides this, there are many other special trains which originate as well as end at this station such as Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express etc.

This station is named after the famous Sufi Saint of the India, Nizamuddin Auliya. The Nizamuddin railway Station code is NZM which stands for Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.


Indian Railways

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Know about Nizamuddin railway Station facilities-

Being one of the major railway stations of Delhi, Nizamuddin railway Station possesses its own importance in the terms of tourism and travel. Apart from this, being in the capital of the country, it also has many world class facilities at the platforms for the convenience of the passengers. There are many food corners, cafeterias, and high-classrestrooms for the passengers which make it more suitable for them. There are many other facilities provided to the passengers at the railway station by which people can plan their further journey at an instant.

If you have a long time interval between you connecting trains, then you can also book a room which is just outside the railway station and this facility provides a restful nap to those who are in need of it.

There are many other facilities provided by the Indian Railways to enhance the travelling experience of the passenger. You can check the locations of all these things with the help of a station map. Nizamuddin railway Station map can be found on the boards at the platforms. By following this, one can locate the food corners and restrooms at the station.

How to check the Nizamuddin railway Station train time table-

There are many ways for checking the train schedule time table of the Nizamuddin railway Station. Passengers can check the status of their next train by asking this to the help and enquiry centers at the platforms. There are at least two help and enquiry counter at one platform and this makes it easy for the passenger to get the information related to their train schedule. Besides this, there are many other types of machines and computers located on the platforms of railway station by which the passenger not only can check the status of their train, but they can also check the status of their PNR, seat birth availability, any other train on the same route etc. The passenger can also get help by going on the website of the Indian Railways and this can be more helpful for them.