Pune Junction Train Station

Details You Must Know About Pune Junction Train Station


Pune Junction Train Station

Pune Junction Train Station | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Pune is located in Maharashtra and it is one of the busy routes. There are so many trains that start from here and end here. So, if you are the one who has to travel to Pune from any place then you can book the tickets and mention the destination name proper! If its Pune junction then just mention the same with the right code.

There are many trains that you can see when you check out online. Some of the trains’ names include Pune Jaipur special, Pune NGP special, NED Pune special, Pune AGC special and so on. There are many local and interstate trains and some of them run everyday and some run on a couple of days in the week or so. You will get an idea about this only when you check out the time table thoroughly for the trains that run from Pune junction train station. Make it a point to check the time table while booking the tickets.

Some details about Pune Junction Train Station to airport

Pune comes between the railway line Mumbai and Chennai. The trains that come from Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP or Mumbai, Pune junction trains station is a stop. If you wish to know about the history of this place then it is important to note that in the year 1856 the Pune and Mumbai railway line got finished and then this railway station came into existence.

It is important to note that the distance between the airport and the railway station Pune is 7.8 KMs. So it takes just 30 minutes to travel for Pune Junction Train Station to airport. If you have to travel, just keep this distance in mind and then carry out your journey.

Pune Junction Train Station Facilities

Pune Junction Train Station Facilities | Image Resource : ytimg.com

Check out online Pune Junction Train Station map

It’s a boon that now you can book the train tickets online. It would surely work as the time saving option. In the times when everyone is so busy with things, if you are told that you must personally go and book the train tickets at the station then it would create such inconveniences. Thus, what’s important is you book the tickets online.

Just find out the best travel portal and check out the train schedule. If you are moving from Pune junction train station to somewhere or if you are planning to book tickets from your location to Pune then just find out which trains run between these destinations and as per that schedule, book the tickets. With online ticket booking you will be able to save ample amount of your time and energy.

If by chance you are confused about the Pune junction station location then get the Pune junction train station map from somewhere and see how that will help you. In fact, you can find this map online as well.

Pune Junction Train Station

Pune Junction Train Station | Image Resource : indianrailwaynews.com

Get an Idea about Pune Junction Train Station facilities

Pune railway station is very clean and you will see that just like every other station it serves with many facilities. There are rest rooms and bathrooms too. The private stores and restaurants have started the eating facilities near Pune station and so just you move out and you will find hosts of food choices. A few are available on stations itself. This makes Pune Junction Train Station facilities quite good.

In order to book the tickets keep in mind the Pune Junction Train Station code (PUNE) and the code of the place where you want to visit. This will make the online train bookings pretty easy.