Railway Fares

Railway Fares - Check the Ticket Prices to All Parts of the Country


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Indian railways are one of the biggest networks in the world with trains from all parts of the country. It is easy to book the various trains easily online. A number of ways are available to enquire the various trains available and the services and facilities available on each train. Just download the latest version of the various IRCTC and other Indian railway apps and get information to reach different parts of the country.

Railway Fares for the Different Classes

You can book tickets in the various classes of the Indian railways. There are many ways to book the tickets in the Indian railways. One of the easiest is the online booking of tickets. Download the IRCTC app and book your tickets on the go for the journey. Railway fares for the journey can be checked online for the different classes. There are several classes available in a train like

Sleeper Class

Third AC class

Second Class AC

First Class AC

General Class

The ticket prices of all the classes in the same route are different and depend on the services and facilities provided in each of them. The tickets of the general class are lowest. The third Ac has tickets higher than the sleeper class of the Indian railways. The easiest way to check the railway fares is by entering the station code of the source station and the destination code. Then click on the state of journey and click go.


Railway fares

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Check the Train Fares Online

The list of trains will appear before your screen with all the classes of travel available in them. You can check the ticket prices for the classes individually. The railway fare chart is also available online for download. The chart provides an idea about the fares in the different classes of the Indian railway and the prices charged by them. Railway fares online can be checked in various other websites managed by the Indian rail Info.

The prices for the tickets are also different for the senior citizens. If you are booking the tickets for any elderly person then click on the senior citizen tab after entering the name and age of the passenger in the personal details column. Railways provide certain concessions on the ticket fare to the senior citizens of the country.

There are various superfast AC trains available throughout the country for travel. These trains have AC coaches for the passengers. The tickets in all the trains are available easily and can be booked online for the travel. The tickets in the premium trains are available at higher cost than the trains like mail and express trains.

If you are looking to book tickets in emergency then use the Tatkal booking option of the Indian railways. The tickets which are available in Tatkal are higher than usual tickets. The booking for Tatkal starts one day before the departure of the train from the source station. You can book the Tatkal tickets in both the AC classes and sleeper classes of the Indian railways for the journey. The fares for Tatkal in each class are much higher as it includes Tatkal charges separately.